Why the remedy did not work for me?

As you have seen, the remedial procedure for any problem is quite simple to do. Hence, one should be careful in other aspects of the Puja methodology. If any one or more of the following conditions are satisfied, then, the remedy will not give any result. Therefore, one must take care accordingly.

First Face Sri Garudar

Second Face Sri Varaahar

Third Face Sri Narasimhar

Reasons for failure of remedy

  1. You don’t believe in the existence of Narasimhar.
  2. You have a little belief on the existence of Narasimhar.
  3. You have 99% belief on the existence of Narasimhar.
  4. You believe Narasimhar but don’t accept that He is the supreme lord.
  5. You believe in the existence of Narasimhar but has a doubt whether He can solve your problem or not.
  6. You believe Narasimhar, accept that He is the supreme lord, but at the same time, also you think that there exist other equivalent supreme lords.
  7. You think that other Gods have similar or equal powers as Narasimhar.
  8. You have a opinion that Sri Narasimhar is a God. (Note that He is not a god, but He is the supreme lord).
  9. You believe in the existence of Narasimhar, but has a opinion that He will help only for a particular group of people.
  10. You believe in Narasimhar, but you think that “how can such a simple remedy can solve my serious problem”.
  11. You want to try the remedy on a trial basis.
  12. You want to check if the remedy is working or not.
  13. You want to perform the remedy for demonstration purpose.
  14. You are doing it just because someone asked you to do. That is, you do not have interest.
  15. You are interested to do remedy, but don’t have great love and affection on Narasimhar.
  16. You are afraid of Narasimhar.
  17. While performing the remedy, you mind was thinking about something else, but not about Narasimhar.
  18. You eat non-vegetarian food.
  19. You don’t eat non-vegetarian food, but at the same time, you cook non-vegetarian food in your house.

One more reason for the failure of remedy could be the following: You may be interested to perform more than one remedy, one to Sri Narasimhar and many other remedies to other Gods because you have the following opinion:

“If Sri Panchamuga Narasimhar is not saving me, then, at least some other God will save me…. It is like trying to keep your one leg in America and the other leg in Antarctica.”

Fourth Face Sri Hayagrivar

Fifth Face Sri Aanchaneyar

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