Slokas for Five Faces

“Mantras and Slokas should be recited with proper pronunciation.

Listening to experts’ recording can help us to learn a lot.”


  1. Only selected Slokas, Mantras and songs that are relevant to Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar are provided below.
  2. The audio tracks rendered by the Thiagarajan group have good sound ambiance recording. They are copyright protected CD / DVD in the market and hence only a part of the recording is given below.
  3. The recording by Mr. Sundar Kidambi is also provided. This will be useful if you want to learn or practice the Stothram.
  4. If these audio recordings are interesting for you, then, please search for the full CD / DVD in the internet for purchase.
  5. The lyrics were neatly typeset with subscripts by Mr. Sundar Kidambi using the IIT Madras Tamil Editor. 
  6. For more details, please visit Prapatti website.

1st Face: Sri Garuda

Garuda Dhandakam


We provide only the 11th track in the CD compilation by the artist Sri U Ve Ananthapadbanacharyar as a sample. The actual CD contains 20 tracks. If you require the full set of sloka, it is available in the CD named Sri Desikan Sthothrams. Please search the same in some reputed spiritual music stores such as Giri Trading Agency, Chennai, or from Amutham Music or from Amazon India. Click the player to listen.

Explanation of Sri Garuda Dhandakam

by Sri U Ve Ananthapadbanacharyar

Garuda Dhandakam in Tamil


2nd Face: Sri Varaahar

Sri Varaha Kavacham in Tamil