Slokas for Five Faces

“Mantras and Slokas should be recited with proper pronunciation.

Listening to experts’ recording can help us to learn a lot.”


  • Only selected Slokas, Mantras and songs that are relevant to Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar are provided below.
  • The audio tracks rendered by the Thiagarajan group have good sound ambience recording. They are copyright protected CD / DVD in the market and hence only a part of the recording is given below.
  • The recording by Mr. Sundar Kidambi is also provided. This will be useful if you want to learn or practice the Stothram.
  • If these audio recordings are interesting for you, then, please search for the full CD / DVD in the internet for purchase.
  • The lyrics were neatly typeset with subscripts by Mr. Sundar Kidambi using the IIT Madras Tamil Editor. 
  • For more details, please visit Prapatti website.

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1st Face: Sri Garuda

Garuda Dhandakam by Sri U Ve Ananthapadbanacharyar

  • We prove the only the 11 th track in the CD compilation by the artist Sri U Ve Ananthapadbanacharyar.
  • The actual CD contains 20 tracks. If you require the full set of sloka, it is available in the CD named Sri Desikan Sthothrams.
  • Please search the same in some reputed spiritual music stores such as Giri Trading Agency, Chennai, or from Amutham Music.

Audio by Sri U Ve Ananthapadbanacharyar

Audio by Sundar Kidambi


Garuda Dandakam in Tamil

2nd Face: Sri Varaahar

Audio by Sunder Kidambi


Read Varaha Kavacham while Listening

3rd Face: Sri Narasimhar

5th Face: Sri Aanchaneyar