Feedback Received (Handwritten)


Anitha, Chennai

February 22, 2014

I visited this Sannidhi for my son who was performing poor in his studies. After doing the remedies (pariharam), now my son has become a student with good conduct and performing well in exams. Sri Narasimhar’s blessings are very much there for our family from the goodness in day-to-day experience.

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Feedback Anitha

Feedback Anitha

Feedback Anitha

Purushotham, Chennai

February 22, 2014

I visited the Sri Panchamuga Lakshmi Narasimhar Sannidhi to seek remedies for childbirth. For me, the remedy was to observe a special fasting known as Santhaana Bhaakya Vratham. We have done the same and now I am happy to know that Sri Narasimhar has blessed me with a child.

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Feedback Purusotham

Feedback Purusotham


Dec 08, 2012

I am Krishna devotee. From my friend, I came to know about this Sannidhi and I visited this place and prayed for getting relief from pains that was troubling me last three years. Within two weeks, all my pains have gone. I recommend my friends, relatives to visit this Sannidhi. If we take worship Sri Narasimhar, all our problems will vanish in seconds.

Feedback Sunitha

Feedback Sunitha

S Premalatha


We first thank Sumathi Srinivasan for introducing us to this Sannidhi. We are married for 4 years with no children and hence prayed in this Sannidhi to have children. My wife conceived soon and we have done some more remedies for the child and mother to be safe. Essentially, the supreme lord blessed with us with two children and He named them. First child born in 2009, and the second child born in 2011. The names were given by Sri Narasimhar.The remedy for our problem involved performing different pooja for the five faces of Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar, Sri Sudarsana Chakra (reciting the Sri Sudarsana Kavacham) as well as for Sri Aadisesha. Sri Panchamuga Lakshmi Narasimhar is continuously taking care of our family are we are in love with Him. We are happy to say that our family is living under the shadow of Sri Pancha Muga Lakshmi Narasimhar.

Premalatha 1

Feedback Premalatha 1

Feedback Premalatha 1

Premalatha 2

Feedback Premalatha 2

Feedback Premalatha 2

Premalatha 3

Feedback Premalatha 3

Feedback Premalatha 3

Venkataraman Sivagami

We have visited this Sannidhi and we prayed for improving our 2nd son’s musical instrument talents. As per the  remedy, my son played Saxophone in the Narasimhar temple located at Aabishegapakkam, Pondicherry and recited the required Stothras and now he is doing well. On Dec-04 last year, my wife met with a road accident and there was head injury to her. She was admitted in the Appolo hospitals. We were praying the Sri Panchamuga Lakshmi Narasimhar of this Sannidhi. Very surprisingly,  the doctor who gave the treatment in the hospital has the name of Narasimhar. Now she is recovered and coming to normal life. As prescribed, we also do the remedy with coconut oil. My wife is not getting headaches. It is clear that if we do Prapatti with Sri Narasimhar, there is no fear in life.

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Venkatraman 1

Feedback Venkatraman 1

Feedback Venkatraman 1

Venkatraman 2

Feedback Venkatraman 2

Feedback Venkatraman 2

Venkatraman 3

Feedback Venkatraman 1

Feedback Venkatraman 3

Revathi Janarthanan

All the Stothras are in Sanskrit and I find it very difficult to read them. After getting the blessings from the Lord, Sri Narasimhar, now I can read them easily. It helps me a lot to do more devotion. Surprisingly, people bring pooja materials here for doing the Swathi star pooja every month. My second son was weak in studies, and now after the blessings, performing well in education. One point that people should understand is the following: Every individual has done sins and the only way to get rid of that is to pray Sri Narasimhar. In Nov-2008, our entire family visited Sri Ahobilam to get blessing from nine Narasimhar. We are happy to say that Sri Panchamuga Lakshmi Narasimhar is with our family in our house.

Revathi 1

Feedback Revathi 1

Feedback Revathi 1

Revathi 2

Feedback Revathi 1

Feedback Revathi 2

Revathi 3

Feedback Revathi 3

Feedback Revathi 3

Sri Jayalakshmi

My boon was to construct a house which was successfully fulfilled by my Lord. I was blessed by a gift of gold coin. This has proved that this Tirupathi has a great power to fulfill the devotees’ wishes who pray Him with full faith. Let the Lord shower more and more blessings on every being in this world.

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Jayalakshmi 1



Jayalakshmi 2


Sumathi Srinivasan

Due to the blessings of Sri Narasimhar of this Sannidhi to our family, I got higher salary when the sixth pay rule was announced (I am working in a private sector and sixth pay is only for Govt organizations). We were worrying about the completion of long pending house construction and after the prayer with this Sannidhi, we are happy to say that we made Grahapravesam and now living in that newly constructed house. For my son also we prayed for good education, and the happy news is that my son got regional level prize in school competitions. Please believe in Sri Panchamuga Lakshmi Narasimhar.

Sumathi 1


Sumathi 2


Sukesh Tirupurasundari

June 03, 2013

I prayed in this Sannidhi for getting married. It happened successfully and we both are very happy.

Sukesh 1


Sukesh 2



When I do meditation, Sri Panchamuga Lakshmi Narasimhar appeared  to me and said that I have to perform pooja on every Swathi star as well as on every Saturday. Earlier, myself and my wife will have frequent illness. Further, I was getting unnecessary anger. After praying Sri Panchamuga Lakshmi Narasimhar, in this Sannidhi, we have good health, my angry disappeared and my wife is also happy. My two sons are now bold. We all are happy and here regular pooja is going on in this Sannidhi.







I came to know about this Sannidhi from my friend. I got admitted in hospital due to Dengue fever and my life was at risk. At that time, I prayed Sri Narasimhar and the fever reduced. I was then discharged from hospital. Believe in Sri Narasimhar and get blessings.



Sri Ravi Ganesh

November 2013

I visited this Sannidhi on 3rd, 16th and 17th of November 2013. On these days, Sri Narasimhar gave me two gracious gifts viz., the Thulasi Maalai and Spatika-Mani-Maalai. It was a truly  unbelievable experience for me.


B Kavitha Babu

We are married for more than 6 years and yet no children. So I have the fear within myself and I prayed in this Sannidhi and just now completed the remedies. Expecting good results…

Kavitha 1


Kavitha 2



I was initially an average performer in the exams. I prayed Sri Narasimhar because one has to score high marks in higher secondary exam to get further studies. After performing the remedies, I got good marks in HSC exam. Also my inner fears got removed due to my reciting of the Stothras.



Sasikala Paramasivam

September 3, 2013

We are married for last eight years and no children yet. So, we prayed in this Sannidhi for having a child. I am now happy to say everyone that I will be delivering a baby soon. We request everyone to pray in this Sannidhi.



Sri Krishnan

One year back, when I visited this Sannidhi and worshiped the Lord, Sri Narasimhar, I was asked to perform a remedy in order to avoid a problem that will come in future. But I did not take that seriously. Recently, I faced more problems with my employer and experienced  financial loss. Now, I can remember and recall that I have neglected the incidence. Therefore, I visited this Sannidhi again and prayed Sri Narasimhar. After that, the big loss got reverted back to minor financial loss and now I am relieved from tension.

Sri Krishnan


G N Rajagopalan

August 2012

Doctors said that my unbearable stomach pain is due to gall-bladder stone which is confirmed by ultrasound analysis. Further, doctors said that the only way is to remove gall-bladder by a surgery. But, I am afraid of surgery and I prayed  the supreme lord Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar in this Sannidhi, and did the remedy at Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. Now, the pain has gone and I am praying Sri Narasimhar everyday in my house.

R Lalitha

March 2013

One or the other day, I will fall into illness and my day to day activities could not be performed. I visited this Sannidhi and did the remedy. Things have much improved and I feel more healthy.

Sivaramakrishnan, Chennai.

December 30, 2013

We visited this Sannidhi and prayed for my daughter to be blessed with a child. Recently, my daughter gave birth to a female child and Sri Narasimhar gave her the name Sri Ramya.


J Varadarajan, Chennai.

My elder sister’s marriage was getting delayed and I prayed in this Sannidhi for her marriage. Now, she is married and living happily. As a devotee, I submitted a Panchaloka Idol of Sri Sita Rama Lakshmana to this

G Lalitha, Chennai-39

December 2013

I have been visiting this Sannidhi since July 2012 and many unbelievable incidences have happened. I happened to visit Sri Ahobilam along with Revathi Janarthanan. On the way, our vehicle’s head light was not working and we were in the dense forest type area where no one is present. We were praying Sri Narasimhar and at that time, one new person came with torch light and helped us by showing the way. Our surprise is that where from he came and why he showed the way with torch light. After reaching the Sannidhi, the next day, we came to know that only Sri Narasimhar has come in the form of a man. Can you believe this? But we experienced.

When we visited Sri Ahobilam, we stayed at the Veda Paada Saalai. At that place Sri Narasimhar gave remedy for the better growth of the Veda Paada Saalai. On the way, but before reaching the temple, the engine of our vehicle stopped and while the vehicle is getting repaired, we saw a big spider on a nearby tree. After finishing the trip and reaching the Sannidhi at Chennai, the next day, Sri Narasimhar explained that the spider was waiting for His visit there to get His blessings and got liberated from this material world. Can any one believe this? It all happened when we all were present at Sri Ahobilam.

G Lalitha 1


G Lalitha 2


G Lalitha 3


G Lalitha 4


G Lalitha 5


R Sivakumar

December 2013

After introduction by Mrs Sumathi Srinivasan, we have been visiting this temple since last five years. Recently, I was involved in the 7th annual year pooja celebrations. After completing the special pooja and Homam, Sri Narasimhar has blessed me with a Sphatika Mani Maalai. Similarly, earlier, say 3 years back, Sri Suvarchalaa Samaetha Aanjaneyar has blessed me with a Rudraaksha Maalai. At that time, Sri Aanjaneyar informed us that He is married to Suvarchala, who is the daughter of Lord Surya. Further, He directed us to visit the temple near Tambaram where one can see the “Married Hanumaan“. Two years back, when I visited this Sannidhi, Ennai Pettra Thaayar (the supreme goddess) has instructed us to visit the Eari Kaatha Raamar temple before undergoing Panchasamskaaram (or Samaasrayanam). Accordingly, all of us visited that temple. In summary, we get blessings from the supreme lord, supreme goddess, and other gods in reality. So you believed all these, right? Since people don’t believe such things so easily, the information about the supreme lord is classified as an open secret.