Delay in Marriage !

Do remedies or Pariharam in suitable temple

Why Santhana Gopala?

  1. Most of the unmarried girls who are praying for early marriage with good husband will be worshiping Sri Sita Rama because He married one and only one girl Sita and strictly demonstrated the “one-man-one-marriage concept”.
  2. But in order to get married soon, one has to worship Sri Krishna, who married 16109 Gopika girls.
  3. The header image of this webpage shows the Tirumalai Kalyana Utsavam of the supreme lord Sri Govinda, another name of Sri Krishna.
  4. Divyadesam 109 is the only temple where individuals will get unique pariharam for marriage delay which are informed by almighty only.
  5. This is one special feature of Divyadesam 109.

My marriage is getting delayed

Any Remedy or Pariharam for marriage delay?

If you visit this Sannidhi, then, the pariharam or the remedy will be informed by the almighty (Arul Vaakku).

First time visitors should come on a Thursday evening around 05:00 PM.

If possible (optional) please bring the following items for Pooja to get remedy but it is not compulsory to bring these items.


  • One full coconut.
  • Vetrilai or Betel leaf.
  • Betel nut or Paakku.
  • Two bananas.
  • One full lime.


All the Chennai residing devotees are requested to visit the Sannidhi in person directly after contacting mobile number 94455 77231.  Other interested devotees can submit the online form and look for remedy.

How the devotees feel?