What benefits can one get by doing the Sri Hayagriva Homam?

Primary benefits


  1. Swami Sri Vedanta Desikan has described in detail about Sri Hayagriva and gave us the Hayagriva Sthothram. One should, therefore, be indebted to Him before praying Hayagriva.
  2. Sri Hayagriva is one of the avathaarams of the supreme lord. Don’t get confused with ten avathaarams. It is just a simple way to tell the children about incarnations of the supreme lord. The actual number of avathaarams is truly infinite.
  3. Since Hayagriva is one of the avathaarams of the supreme lord, it ultimately boils down to saying that Hayagriva himself is the supreme lord. This point should be clear to you before you pray Him.
  4. The primary and most important benefit obtained by performing this Homam is that one can gain the supreme knowledge, which is, not otherwise possible. Please read TQ-2 in Technical Questions page.

Secondary or smaller benefits


  1. The secondary and derived benefits are that you can perform well in education your career will be based on thinking power.
  2. People have a misunderstanding that this Homam is meant only for students and those in education related jobs. But it is strictly false.
  3. Every individual requires the supreme knowledge, irrespective of age because, without the supreme knowledge, one cannot think about the ultimate destination and the ways of attaining the same.
  4. Your very fundamental existence here on the earth is to always think about Paramapadam and to attain the same, rather than to get good educational degrees, good job and stay on this earth by giving rebirths again and again.
  5. In conclusion, this Homam will fetch you the supreme knowledge, and while getting that, other types of higher education and skillful jobs will reach you as a free gift. Most of the people are interested only in the free gift and they forget the main point.