Mahalakshmi Homam

Can one become rich by doing Sri Lakshmi Homam?

  • The first important point that one should know is that Sri Lakshmi is the Supreme Goddess and not the goddess.
  • Most of the people have the opinion that Sri Lakshmi will give only the wealth or money for those praying Her. But this is strictly false. If you perform this Homam thinking that She will shower gold coins in your house, that will not happen. The misunderstanding prevailing among the public is that the supreme goddess Sri Lakshmi will make them rich by “some luck”. At the same time, depending on the nature of your job, there will be improvements and benefits towards higher salaries or business promotion.
  • The fact behind “getting rich” by praying Her is that, you will give re-birth as a child to a king or equivalently wealthy couple, thereby, you will become the owner of all that money. If you ask how that king was rich, the answer is that he has performed many Sri Lakshmi Homams and hence born to his father who was the previous king. Computational scientists refer to this as the recursion relation while the physicists name this as the chain reaction.