Why should one perform Sri Maha Sudharsana Homam?

  • Swami Sri Vedanta Desikan has described in detail about Sri Sudharsana, the Chakraayudha of the supreme lord.
  • We are not going to give all the description in detail.
  • Also, we are not listing the procedure being done for the Homam.
  • That’s because the end-user only wants the results but not the procedure.
  • At the same time, the end-user should at least know the essential benefits that can be derived by doing the Sudharsana Homam.
  • The most important benefits are listed below.

Benefits in a Nutshell


  1. Sri Sudharsana, with the name of Amaanavan, helps you to show the direction for reaching the ultimate destination (Paramapadam) and He will come along with you up to the Virajaa river, which is the limit of the Prakruthi Mandalam (material universe).
  2. This is the most important benefit that you can get by doing this Sudarshana Homam.
  3. It is important to remember that nobody else from anywhere in the universe can do this help for you.
  4. Since Sri Sudharsana is helping you to such maximum possible extent (above point), it is clear that He will certainly bless us with other lower level benefits.
  5. Examples of “lower level” benefits are getting healing to illness, maintaining overall good health, overcoming from problems with enemies, and prosperity, etc.
  6. In conclusion, it is the responsibility of the “family head” to perform the Sri Sudharsana Homam, at least once in every year, in order to keep up his family in “good condition”.

Perform Sri Sudharsana Maha Homam in your house


  1. We, as part of Divyadesam 109, perform the above said Sudharsana homam in your house if you are located in Chennai.
  2. If away from Chennai, additional travel expenses may be included.
  3. As an alternative option, you can request to perform this homam in this Sannidhi itself on your family members’ names.
  4. The cost for the homam materials should be borne by you.
  5. Please contact over phone, if interested.