Narasimhar Jayanthi – The Fundamentals and Myths


  1. TQ means Technical Questions and Answers available in this website.
  2. The definition of the supreme lord is available in technical question TQ-3.
  3. The supreme lord is generally not visible to us except under special situations. One such special occasion is the avathaaram or the incarnation (see technical question TQ-18).
  4. If so, one should be keen and should have dedicated interest to see Him and take this as the best opportunity to pray and get the boon as we desire.
  5. The topmost boon that one should get is to reach the ultimate destination, as explained in TQ-5.
  6. However, we did not reach to that level to ask for the Sri Vaikuntam. At the same time, we want to get many benefits such as to live with comforts with lots of money, get married early in life with happy moments always, have good children, and so on.
  7. Whether one wants the ultimate destination or any the lower level benefits as in the above para, the only option for us is to get them from the supreme lord by praying Him.
  8. Narasimhar Jayanthi is the day celebrating the incarnation of the supreme lord with an appearance such that the face is that of lion while the remaining body looks that of human. There are clear reasons why He took such an appearance but we are not going to discuss on that.
  9. There are many temples of Sri lakshmi Narasimhar in South India. The most famous one is located in Ahobilam in Andhra Pradesh. What fraction of people can visit Ahobilam and get the His blessings? As you all know, its a very small fraction.
  10. The supreme lord knows this fact very much, and this is the reason why there exists many temples across the breadth and width of India, and one such important temple is this one, named Divyadesam 109, located in Chennai.
  11. Every year on the eve of Narasimhar Jayanthi, special homam and pooja will be performed and as usual, a large number of devotees will be present.
  12. We should take advantage of scientific inventions for praying the supreme lord. One such way is to register online with all your family member names so that, the Sankalpam will be performed with the full list of such registered people, who are living far away from Chennai.
  13. Performing the pooja, homam with Sankalpam with your name means you are participating and celebrating His incarnation and this leads to removal of unwanted troubles that you may come across in your life.
  14. Every family should perform the Homam, at least, once in every year, if the family should live without troubles.
  15. If you are interested to participate in this years’ Narasimhar Jayanthi special pooja, please inform us over phone.