Navagraha Pariharam

The following special Puja will be done to get relieved from Navagraha dosha and others.

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  • Pariharam for Pakshi Dosham and Santhana Bhagyam Vratham puja for childbirth.
  • Pariharam for Pakshi Dosham and Naga Dosham for childbirth to childless couples.
  • Overall complete Dosha Nivarthi Puja and Navagraha Pariharam for happiness in life.
  • Pariharam for Kalathra Dosham, Pariharam for Pithru Dosham and Kala Sarpa Dosham to avoid marriage delay.
  • Pariharam for Chevvai Dosham Brides and Bridegrooms for marriage delay.
  • Pariharam for unknown illness.
  • Free Matrimonial or Matrimony Site for all including the Chevvai Dosham brides and grooms.


Most importantly, any other dosham that cannot be identified by astrological analysis can be resolved with Puja to the Supreme lord, Sri Panchamuga Lakshmi Narasimhar. This is the reason why every single person who has visited this temple has given their feedback about their experience, showing 100% success in the pariharam or remedy. Interested devotees can visit the Graha Sannidhi and get the Pariharam provided by the almighty. First time visitors should come on Thursday evening. Kindly inform over phone about your arrival.