Trying to conceive

Childless Couple? Trying to Conceive?

<pclass=”paragraph”>Visit this temple to get pariharam for delay in marriage, pariharam to get good husband or wife, pariharam for childless couples for trying to conceive for child birth as well as to remove conflicts between husband and wife. You may go through the feedback page to know about visitors opinion.

We are married and living inside India.

Even after medical treatments, we do not have a child yet.  We want to be blessed with a child.

If you are living nearby Chennai, then, simply come to this Sannidhi with Puja items. Both husband and wife should visit this Sannidhi and perform the remedy in this Sannidhi itself. At least either the husband or wife or some close relatives should come to this Sannidhi. Please inform us over phone regarding when you want to come to this temple. The temple timings are given in the contact page. First time visitors should come on Thursday evening.The pariharam prescribed in this temple will solve any type of problems such as Kaala sarpa dosham, Pakshi dosham, Naaga dosham, etc. The remedy will also clear any other dosham that cannot be identified by horoscope analysis. This is because the Pariharam is provided by the almighty only.Perform the remedy as explained in the temple.Once you finish the remedy, you will conceive a baby in practically short period of time.

Items to bring

For options 1 and 2, if possible, please come to this Sannidhi with the following pooja items (optional), and get the Pariharam or remedy. It is not compulsory to bring these items.

  • Vetrilai without cuts and holes.
  • One coconut.
  • Yellow bananas together.
  • One fresh lime.
  • Pure butter (white color, without salt), little, say 50 or 100 grams.
  • Gothiram, Name, Birth star and Raasi of the couple who want to have a child.
  • One small packet of pure turmeric powder.
  • One small packet of pure Senduram.
  • One small packet of pure Kumkum.
  • Thulasi leaves (tied or loose).
  • One incense stick (Agarbathi) small packet.
  • Rose / yellow flowers like Lotus / Arali / Saamandi.

Why Sri Sita Rama?

Sri Sri Rama

Sri Sri Rama

Most of the couple who are trying to conceive always keep one or the other child photo in their house. If they are devotees, then, they will be keeping the Santhana Gopala pictures around them. But, in order to get blessed with a child, one has to rather pray Sri Sita Raamaa.

My son / daughter is married and are living outside India.

They are undergoing medications with no success. They want to be blessed with a child.

The solution depends on who is interested to perform the remedy on behalf of your son / daughter. Accordingly, four options are possible as shown below.

Option-1:  Father is planning to do the remedy for his son.

Option-2: Mother is planning to the remedy for her daughter.

Option-3: Mother-in-law is planning to do the remedy for her daughter-in-law.

Option-4: Father-in-law is planning to the remedy for his son-in-law.

Important: Father interested in doing the remedy for his daughter is not possible. Similarly, Mother interested in doing the remedy for her son is not possible.

Common for options 1-4

So, whichever option you choose, the relative to the couple will be visiting this Sannidhi. In the Sannidhi itself, the remedy to be performed will be informed to you, and the same should be done by you. After the pooja, the gracious prasaadam will be given to you. Please pack the prasadam which is given to you and send the same by Air-mail to the couple living abroad. The couple will receive your packing, and they will use the prasaadam. This will lay foundation for the couple to conceive in a practically short time.

Chennai Residing Devotees

All the Chennai residing devotees are requested to visit the Sannidhi in person directly after contacting mobile number 94455 77231. Other interested devotees can submit the online form and look for remedy.