General Questions


In today’s scientific world, no one has sufficient time to relax and think about anything. Among those who think also do so under stressed and dissatisfied life experience. For instance, we can ask the following types of questions:

  • We are married for several years but do not have a child yet. Is it possible to have one or more children?
  • In spite of many efforts, my business is going in loss. How do I uplift my financial status?
  • Within a few years after our marriage, we are separated due to several reasons. How do we get back united life again?
  • I have lots of money but I am unhappy. Is it possible to lead a happy and peaceful life?
  • My health is poor and not improving even with medical treatments? What’s the remedy?
  • I am 30 years plus and yet unmarried. Can I have a happy married life?


and so on… Our basic aim is to answer the question:“What are the remedies that I have to perform so that I will be relieved from unhappy moments in my life?”.

Objectives of Divyadesam 109

Our aim is to answer the most fundamental questions like:

  • Define supreme lord.
  • Why should one accept the existence of the supreme lord?
  • What is the difference between God and Supreme lord?
  • Why is the supreme lord not visible to us?
  • What is meant by supreme knowledge?
  • What is the origin of delayed marriage?
  • What is the origin of childlessness (infertility)?
  • What is the origin of natural abortion?
  • Why at all living beings exist?
  • Why should every living being die?
  • What is the ultimate destination for each and every living being?
  • Whether birth control methods are good for us?
  • How many living species exist?
  • How many Gods are there?
  • Will the new temples have a lower power than very old temples?
  • Is the universe infinitely large or has boundaries?
  • Is the time reversible or not?
  • Was there a beginning of time?
  • Is it possible to find a single theory that can explain every thing?

Questions and Answers (General)


How many questions and answers are you planning?

Nearly one hundred. Since the website is newly hosted, every one or the other day, some questions will be added.


Why are you not providing elaborate answers exceeding 2 pages?

  • The moment one sees a 2-page answer to a question, they will not find time to read and consequently, their chance to gain supreme knowledge will be lost.
  • If the answers are too short, say in 2-words, then one cannot understand it.
  • By optimizing, we give crisp, clear, extremely accurate short and simple answers.
  • Click on Einstein’s photos to know why simple (but accurate) answering is so important.
  • One can always get detailed answers (with references) elsewhere in the world, if you have the quest for knowledge and desire.





People who believe in God are less intelligent, incapable and illogical. True or False.

  • False. Click on Einstein’s images to see the answer.
  • Many scientists are involved as devotees of God. (e.g., webpage.)




Who is Sri Panchamuga Lakshmi Narasimhar?

  • Narasimhar is the Supreme Lord.
  • Sri Lakshmi is the wife of Narasimhar. Hence the name Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar.
  • In this particular temple the Supreme Lord Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar appears with five faces (see photo).
  • Narasimhar never separates from his wife Sri Mahalakshmi. Therefore, name is framed as “Sri Panchamuga Lakshmi Narasimhar” and the same shall be regarded as a “single word”.
  • In Sanskrit language, this togetherness is called Mithunam.


Explain the term “Sri”.

  • The name Sri denotes one who forgives the sins of people who fail to express the regret for having done the sins, and at the same time (simultaneously) possess truly infinitely many auspicious characters. The term Sri will strictly identify Sri Mahalakshmi (the Supreme Goddess).
  • If you also have the habit of forgiving others’ sins, you will not qualify for supremeness because there are other “and” conditions associated as in the previous paragraph.
  • One can prefix the term “Sri” to our name. The person identified by such prefixed name shall grow with auspicious characters provided that he or she understands the underlying meaning of “Sri” and lives accordingly. The following are the examples where “Sri” is prefixed so that they will be blessed with auspiciousness by the Supreme Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi. Some example names are:
    Sri Radha, Sri Vasundhara, Sri Rama, Sri Web Enterprises and Sri Metal Works.
  • Just because prefixing, one cannot get the blessings because one has to satisfy the “provided that” condition as well as the “and” condition in the above paragraph.
  • The prefix “Sri” is not the synonym to Mr or Ms. But many people use the prefix to just attach respect to that person while addressing them. That’s all.


Whether Hanumaan married or not?

Yes, married to Sri Suvarchala who is the daughter of Lord Sun. Hence we pray Him with the following: “Sri Suvarchalaa Samaetha Sri Aajanaeyaaya Namaha”.  An exclusive temple for Hanumaan with His wife can be seen in Chennai, near Tambaram.


Very old temples are powerful while new temples will have a little power. True or False?

  • Perfectly False.
  • Temple represent buildings and Power represent the supreme lord.
  • The power is with the supreme lord and not with the buildings of the temple.
  • The supreme lord can bless us without any temple.
  • The purpose of having temple is that people will try to focus attention on the supreme lord by visiting temples and thereby get His blessings.
  • Supreme lord can exist without temple, but temple cannot exist without supreme lord.


When people don’t know how to control fire, they believed that fire is a God. But with today’s scientific advancements, there is no need for such a belief. True or False?

  • False.
  • Even with today’s technology, we cannot control fire (e.g. fire accidents).
  • Please read the Albert Einstein’s quote.
  • The “invisible piper” in the Einstein’s quote here is the supreme lord, Sriman Naaraayanan.

“Everything is determined, the beginning as well as the end, by forces over which we have no control. It is determined for the insect, as well as for the star. Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper.”
–Albert Einstein.


At what age one should worry about marriage?

  • It is the responsibility of the parents to impart the supreme knowledge to their children from the very childhood itself (3-years old) and start inculcating the practices there-in.
  • When the child grows up to go to say 10th standard, he / she will be concentrating on studies for another 13 years to get higher degrees. By that time, the age would have been 29.
  • This means that, one should not wait for problem to come and then worry about how to solve that and this rule is applicable in general.
  • Most of the people have a misunderstanding that one should involve in devotion only after fifties or sixties. But the important point is that, at that age, “suddenly” one cannot make themselves involved in devotion.
  • In conclusion, if one follows the principles laid down by the supreme lord, then, one need not worry about the marriage or any such events in their future. These happenings will take place in your life in a natural way and you will not get an opportunity to worry about them.


Do you want to get your problem solved or dissolved?

  • Dissolved.


  • Dissolving a problem means rendering the problem not to exist. 
  • Solving a problem means finding a solution to the problem that always exist.


  • Doctors prescribe medicines in order to solve your high blood pressure problem. If you stop taking that medicine, the high blood pressure problem will again trouble you.
  • Sri Panchamuga Lakshmi Narasimhar dissolves the problem by making high blood pressure to normal blood pressure. Therefore the problem does not exist any more.


Harvard Medical School says “coconut oil would be bad news for our hearts”. True or false?

  1. Coconut is the most favorite to Narasimhar.
  2. Prepare purely coconut based foods with coconut oil or the coconut milk and keep it ready in a silver or copper vessel.
  3. Break a coconut into two half and take one of the them. Fill it with pure ghee and put a piece of cotton thread to form ghee lamp. Apply a little bit of turmeric. Then, lamp it with a match box. (see image to get an idea.)
  4. Burn two incense sticks.
  5. Keep items (2) and (3) in a copper or silver plate.
  6. Offer (show) the same to Sri Panchamuga Lakshmi Narasimhar with great love and affection with the knowledge that He is the supreme lord.
  7. Then, eat the dish that you’ve just offered to Him. 
  8. Your health will improve.



I don’t find any scientific logic in the answer to previous question.

  • Scientific logic is based on the knowledge that scientists have accumulated over hundreds of decades.
  • Scientists have not yet discovered answers to each and every question in all branches of science.
  • This means that our total scientific knowledge is only partial.
  • The answer to previous question lies in the undiscovered part of scientific inventions. One can learn about such facts only by experience. Click on the Einstein’s photo to see his quote.

Einstein GQ-12

Einstein GQ-12

Einstein GQ-12