Pancha Five.
Muga Face.
Panchamuga Five faces.
Nara Human.
Simha Lion.
Narasimhar Appearance of human body with lion face (see photo).
Sri Abbreviation for Sri Mahalakshmi.
Lakshmi Yet another abbreviation for Sri Mahalakshmi.
Devi Goddess (not the supreme goddess).
Devan God (not the supreme lord).
Sri Devi Synonym for Sri Mahalakshmi.
Maha The greatest.
Sri Mahalakshmi The supreme goddess.
Sriman Naaraayanan The supreme lord.
Mangala Most auspicious.
Vigraham Three dimensional Idol.
Divya Precious and posses divine power.
Desam Region of space.
Divyadesam Temples of the supreme lord.
Avathaaram Supreme lord assuming bodily structure (not necessarily human).
Incarnation Synonym of Avathaaram.
Vishnu One of the avatharams of supreme lord.
Krishna Another avathaaram of supreme lord.
Narasimhar Yet another avathaaram of the supreme lord.
Emperumaan Synonym of the supreme lord.
Emperumaanaar Another name for Sri Raamaanujar.
Sri Raamaanujar Avathaaram of Sri Aadi Seshan.
Aadi Seshan The name of eternal Serpent doing all sorts of Kainkaryam to the supreme lord.
Jagadaachaaryar Synonym for Emperumaanaar.
Kaimkaryam Complete dedicated service to the supreme lord.
Sri Vaishnava Any one who accepts Vedas and following the principles dictated there-in.
Bhakti Extreme love with the supreme lord.
Bhaktan One who has Bhakti on the supreme lord.
Mumukshu One who has the desire to reach the ultimate destination.
Sri Vaikuntam The name of the ultimate destination place.
Paramapadam Synonym of Sri Vaikuntam.
Chith The soul.
Achith Non-living objects or matter.
Easwaran Generic name representing the supreme lord (synonym for supreme lord).
Adiyen An individual Sri Vaishnava saying “Myself”.
Daasan The one who performs different Kainkaryams.
Guru Parampara Guru-Shishya succession.